Mini Lesson: Shortening St. Patrick

I hadn’t planned on doing a St. Patrick’s Day lesson, but I had a last minute inspiration, so here goes!
As you’re going about your day wishing people a happy St. Patrick’s Day, you may find yourself calling St. Patrick by his nickname. But you my have noticed that there seems to be two common ways to shorten St. Patrick: St. Paddy and St. Patty. Which one is correct? Is it really a big deal? Well, if you’re dealing with any proud Irishmen, it is. In Ireland, the correct nickname for Patrick is Paddy. This is rooted in the Gaelic spelling of Patrick, “Padraig.” Furthermore, any Irishmen that see you using the incorrect spelling will cringe and be quick to tell you, “Patty’s a girl’s name!” So, as you go about your day today celebrating Irish heritage and wading through a sea of green, have fun wishing others a “Happy St. Paddy’s Day!” And if you choose to celebrate the holiday with your favorite Irish spirits, please be safe and responsible, don’t drink and drive!

Happy Learning!