Sorry! (Again)

I just wanted to pop in to apologize for my recent lack of posts. I started a new job back in March and have been so busy and worn out lately that I’ve had trouble mustering up the motivation to work on my blog. I hope soon to be able to get back into the swing of things and begin making regular posts again. I have an idea for a post that I meant to write ages ago, so I will work on that and try to get it up pretty soon. I think for the near future I will drop the “new posts on Fridays” rule and try to get posts out whenever I can, be that two in one week or one in two weeks. And hopefully soon enough I’ll get the hang of this new stage in my life and be able to devote as much time to this blog as I would like to. Thank you for reading!

Happy Learning!



“How I was Kicked Out of College Because of My Allergy” By Kelsey Hough AKA The Crunchy Cook

How I was Kicked Out of College Because of My Allergy. Please read and share this post, it was written by a friend of mine who has a severe and life-threatening peanut allergy and was basically driven out of her dream school because they felt her allergy was too much trouble to deal with. Kelsey is an amazing girl who deserves to be able to go to school. She’s never had the option to say that this allergy of hers is too much trouble and just stop dealing with it. I find it appalling that the Chancellor would treat her with such open hostility. Of course the world will never be completely safe, accidents happen, people make mistakes, Kelsey has to deal with other peoples’ mistakes all the time. But a school should care about its students enough to at least make an effort to try to keep them safe, rather than driving them out because they’re afraid of the liability. I hope that by spreading the word about this incident, UW and other schools will become more aware of the need to provide a safe environment for people with allergies. Kelsey is not the only person out there with allergies like this, and people like Kelsey should not have to feel like school is not an option for them because of their allergies.